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[Jun. 3rd, 2010|01:27 pm]
Mi$$y America
For anyone who reads this blog who may not know me very well, I am a little bit rash of a person. I am extremely driven by emotions, and in turn can act very hasty in them. Sometimes it is good (no examples come to mind) and other times it hurts people. I suck and am still trying to learn how not to.

I'm also a dreamer. Like, ridiculous amount of fantasies prancing around my noggin' at any given moment. Sometimes it is bad (no examples come to mind) and other times it is what keeps me going.

I am also a more negative/pessimistic person by nature, and so when the tough gets going, I just quit. Fortunately (maybe?) when one dream doesn't pan out, there is without shortage, seventeen lined up ready to go.

And so, with those attributes in mind. . .I am almost 24, and have decided to really quit college with just 18 credits to go. Some people think that's really dumb. Maybe I'll eventually agree, but it isn't my dream. It's my "supposed to". . .I am not one who likes to do just because I'm supposed to. Obviously, this creates some deep, spiritual division within myself and with those matters I ought to learn humility and submissiveness. College is not the same.

And with that out of the picture, it leaves me sitting on dreams, figuring out how to make one of them happen for real. I think marriage was the first real adult thing I ever did and this is the second.

I'm going to try my hand at baking as a profession. Just a little on the side, so if anyone reads this and can think of a good sort of baking/business name to go on business cards, I'll give you some kickbacks of the profits for your creative input.