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yoimsmellymelly's Journal

Mi$$y America
19 July
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I've had this since I was in 8th grade. I don't know if I've changed much since.
50 cent, 80s culture, africa, alkaline trio, andrew wk, aqua teen hunger force, aquabats, bad religion, beastie boys, being sung too, big cities, billy idol, bling bling, blink182, bob marley, body art, books, bouncing souls, boys, catch 22, chingy, christianity, clothes, concerts, cuddling, curly hair, dancing, david banner, dennys, digital cameras, driving, family guy, finger painting, flogging molly, florida christian college, fluffy dresses, fountains of wayne, friends, fun in the sun, garden state, god, goldfish, green day, guitars, guys, habitat for humanity, hair, happiness, hip hop, holding hands, honesty, hot cocoa, hula skirts, incubus, jesus, jimmy eat world, kanye west, kurt vonegut, lars fredrickson, laughing, learning, livejournal, long talks, love, ludacris, making people laugh, mariokart double dash, mathew west, meadows, men, midtown, missy elliot, morals, movies, music, my roommates, myself, nail polish, nerdy boys, not doing drugs, old skool rap, oldies, originality, orlando, passion, peace corps, photography, polkadots, punk, radiohead, rain, rainbows, rambling, rancid, rap, rappers, reading, reggae, relient k, rocky horror picture show, shaggy hair, shakira, shawnna, shows, ska, skate videos, snuggle bear, sparkles, sprinkles, straight edge kids, sugarcult, suicide machines, tattoos, teenage mutan ninja turtles, the anniversary, the bible, the clash, the donnas, the hives, the mall, the mr. t experience, the park, the proclaimers, the simpsons, the smiths, the strokes, the white stripes, the word neat, thinking, tom petty, toys r us, tv, understanding, unoriginality, valencia community college, video games, virginity, walmart, weezer, worship, yearbook staff, yo mama jokes, you, your mom, your pants