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mundane. ordinary. plain. exceptional. fantastical. exquisite. what… - Mi$$y America [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mi$$y America

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[Oct. 4th, 2010|09:26 am]
Mi$$y America
mundane. ordinary. plain.

exceptional. fantastical. exquisite.

what it's been.

what i desire.

where i'm stuck.

where i'm striving.

i dream of greatness. i long for extraordinary. i seek adventure.

i want to leave a legacy, but in a less cliche way of saying so.

i want purpose and meaning and sacrifice and to bleed to die to live.

there are books to read, orphans to hug, bikes to ride, food to feed, laughs to bellow, love to give, love to take, forgiveness to marvel, truth to share.

i am in a constant state of overwhelmed. whether be by the amount of pain, despair, and sorrow. or by the beauty to behold and moments to grab hold of.

and i'm pretty sure i do a lousy job of making something out of either state and that the days are surely be wasted by. and i do not know how to combat such emotions than to

"cease striving" and know that God is God despite my mental health. despite my lack of adventure. despite my extreme highs and lows. despite by worry and fear. despite my desire to be god.

He is good. He is above all. He will satisfy the desires of my heart. and maybe remember here and there, that it isn't all about me. ever.